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IBM Marketing Analytics, Membership Management

Marketing dashboardIBM software solutions help companies of all sizes—from large-scale enterprises to small and midsize businesses—transform slow, expensive, disconnected processes into more dynamic, efficient and connected experiences. IBM analytics solutions allow your company to create analytics-driven solutions to better manage marketing campaigns and membership management. Benefits include:

  • Analyze previous marketing campaigns and success rates to better target new initiatives
  • Determine causes of churn and take proactive action with offers and other initiatives
  • Create what-if scenarios for new campaigns, creating predictive models and monitor results
  • Start small, grow as needed
  • Data populated automatically and real-time
  • Deploy locally or in cloud
  • Various mobile options


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Measure, Evaluate, and Improve Marketing Performance
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End-to-End Demo:  Discover Finance Cause/Effect, Analyze Churn, TAKE ACTION
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Attract and Retain Customers, Analyze Life-Time Value, CBLT

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