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Financial Performance & Management

IBM software solutions help companies of all sizes—from large-scale enterprises to small and midsize businesses—transform slow, expensive, disconnected processes into more dynamic, efficient and connected experiences. IBM enterprise performance management solutions serve finance, line-of-business and IT professionals alike, helping to create analytics-driven organizations. Benefits include:

  • Start small, grow as needed
  • Reduce error-prone and time-consuming costly processes
  • Use Excel-like interfaces without the burden of emailing
  • Data populated automatically and real-time
  • Collaborative budgeting and forecasting, top-down, bottom-up, what-if
  • Deploy locally or in cloud
  • Various mobile options


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Demo Videos

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New: cloud-based planning, budgeting, forecasting, dashboarding, predictive
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CFO and Finance - Many Examples: Budgeting, Analysis
(IBM success stories by job role)

Budgeting: Top-down, Bottom-up, End-to-end w/Collaboration
(FPM solution overview)

Collaboration, Mobile, Excel Integration, Cloud
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End-to-End Demo:  Discover Finance Cause/Effect, Analyze Churn, TAKE ACTION
(more performance management)

Reporting and Process Automation: budget & board books, regular reports
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